Site Quality Control (SQC) –

SQC is an online interface that offers a fast and highly customizable quality control solution in which you can assign employees specific tasks relating to quality control within your company. Users can enter quality inspection data directly onto their mobile device, eliminating the lengthy process of using paper surveys. SQC also acts as a centralized hub for managing data gathered by many of Cantest’s quality control devices including C.IMP and PdM.

  • Complies with ISO 9001 standards
  • Centralized database for all quality control information
  • Real time updates for quick conversion into usable metrics
  • Customize checklists, exception policies, escalation policies, notifications and more
  • Automated circulation of completed assignments

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Cantest Interstitial Monitoring Probe (C.IMP)

C.IMP is a solar powered interstitial vacuum monitor for upstream storage tanks. The system gathers remote sensing data and uploads the information via cellular network to (SQC). From there, you can manage an entire network of tanks from any type of device, at any location.

  • Automatic notifications for significant losses
  • Set custom test frequencies
  • Solar powered
  • Manage an entire network of tanks from single location

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Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Predictive Maintenance is designed to take your company’s quality control efforts to the next level. It answers three essential questions related to maintaining in-service equipment:

What is the remaining useful life of the equipment?

What is the probability that a piece of equipment will fail in the near future?

What are the causes of failures and what maintenance actions should be performed to fix these issues?

  • Machine and deep learning
  • Three different levels of data collection to choose from
  • Managed through

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