Our Proven Software Solutions.

Manage, track and report & all of the day-to-day transactions occurring in a petroleum services company.

Cantest Technologies Inc. has a series of compelling software applications designed to manage, track and report all of the day-to-day transactions occurring in a petroleum services company. Six different programs will be available to improve the customer’s revenue growth and profitability.


Cantest Enterprise Resource Planning (CanERP) handles your company’s financial management, order management, materials, purchasing and operations. It provides a single software for compiling, storing, sharing and accessing important information.

  • Increase your productivity with less redundancies in operations
  • Reports generated from a single location
  • Customer service, sales, marketing and all customer forward processes improve from being under one unified system
  • Cloud based interface, accessible on all devices and always online

CanSchedule – SCHEDULE

CanSchedule is an interface within CanERP focused on facilitating technician specific information. The interface centralizes all of your technician’s schedules to be managed by anyone involved. Detailed reports of GPS data, travel receipts, activities and more are provided to allow you to easily identify any weaknesses or gaps in your services.

  • Improved productivity, scheduling and time management
  • Real-time updates


CanCRM is another interface connected to CanERP with a focus on facilitating sales and marketing activities. It allows you to manage all activities and important relationships under one central system.

  • Detailed metrics and reporting capabilities
  • Assign and manage priorities
  • Create action items for your team
  • Available on any device

CanClient – CLIENT

CanClient is an interface built on CanERP specifically maintained to support your customer’s inquiries. It is cloud based, database driven, accessible on all devices and always online.


Cantest University is built on Moodle as a learning platform. Cloud based interface, database driven, accessible on all devices and always online. It has been developed and maintained as a central repository for all Cantest knowledge, policy, process, procedure, and training certification/traceability.

Employee training software helps reduce turnover, improves onboarding, automates processes and create consistent, scalable results. By establishing clear processes, procedures and milestones, employers can make impactful first impressions to motivate employees and help them discover their potential. Employees want to be engaged and know what’s expected of them. Without training software, the training process is often trial by fire or hit and miss. Employee training software removes the guess work and makes training a quantifiable activity.

It reduces hiring costs by helping to find the right employee for the job. A new hire on a contract or probationary period has the opportunity to accept training and establish the best productivity. However, if the wrong person is hired job costs go up. Employee training software helps the company to understand who the right applicants are by knowing exactly what the job entails.

Processes and procedures relating to the job are identified and presented so learning is easy and quick. Employee skills can be aligned with business goals so everyone is working in the right direction.

CanHire – HIRING

CanHiring is a hiring funnel program to help facilitate the hiring of top applicants. It’s a talent funnel providing automated recruiting and screening. The system comes with applications, assessments and screening tools to find the right candidates.

Hiring the wrong people can be expensive in a variety of ways. Pre-employment testing identifies an applicant’s skills and personality in ways an application and resume can’t. Traditional hiring methods allow an employer to see what’s on the outside. What’s on the inside can make the difference between a successful hire and a waste of time and money.

Pre-employment tests are used to screen job applicants and include the testing of a variety of abilities, skills, personality, language proficiency and more. Assessments help to easily identify the candidates you want. Pre-employment tests are simple and customizable. Aptitude tests for a variety of skills can be added.

Pre-employment testing and screening helps companies identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job. The process saves a company time, money and effort in the hiring process. It decreases turnover and improves morale.

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