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Offering the most advanced technologies for fuel dispenser calibration, leak detection and more.

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Complete Enterprise Management

Compelling software applications designed to manage, track and report all of the day-to-day transactions occurring in a petroleum services company.

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Total Quality Management

Assign tasks and monitor all quality control processes and devices from a centralized interface.

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Cantest Technologies

Forward thinking & proactive in the pursuit of advanced service delivery.

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Cantest Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Cantest Solutions Inc., Canada’s leading third-party precision testing and asset management service for the petroleum industry. Cantest Technologies was created to further support growth through international expansion and technological development.

Our focus at Cantest Technologies is on providing cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions for Advanced Service Delivery companies globally. We have designed our SaaS solutions to help companies manage, track and report all day-to-day transactions that may occur in a petroleum service company. Our IIoT solutions are designed to gather important data involved in calibration and leak detection services.


Dominate all technologies required to execute Advanced Service Delivery globally. Cantest Solutions is proof of concept and Customer #1.


Provide SaaS CanERP, CanCRM, CanHire, CanKnow, CanSchedule, CanTrack, CanPortal, CanService and SQC to Service Delivery companies globally.

Proven Service - Proven Reward

Our system has proven time and time again that it will generate an “additional” 0.10% to 0.15% in fuel savings vs. traditional calibration. Based on the Canadian average of 3 million litres per year per service station, this is equivalent to an extra $4,950 per year based on $1.10/Litre fuel at a location doing 250,000L per month.
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Cantest - Constant Innovation

Cantest was the first company in the world to develop and offer an electronic closed-loop calibration service that eliminated all the sources of error and limitations associated with other proving methods used in field conditions.
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Quality control solutions optimized for the petroleum industry
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